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January 16, 2020 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Payment Log Quick Entry
    • An issue that generated an error in Payment Log Quick Entry if Enable custom amounts and notes is selected but a default amount was not entered has been fixed. The default amount can now be left blank provided each selected Scout has an amount entered. If any selected Scout is missing a custom amount, the default amount must be entered and will be used for the Scout(s).
  • Roster Builder
    • Removed an extraneous dash that appeared in front of the Home Phone title.
    • Added the word Charter in front of the Expiration Date field for clarity.
    • Added the three-digit Council number to the end of the Council name in the heading.
    • Added the three digit council number to unit positions when a user is a leader in two units with the same number in two councils.
    • Fixed a leading comma on the Den title
    • Added B or G designator to the troop number in the heading
    • Fixed an issue where Scout auto-selected was causing unselected units to be selected.
    • Added Report Saved confirmation after clicking the Save button.
  • Scouts BSA Advancement from Ships
    • An issue that prevent Ships from entering Scouts BSA advancement has been fixed. Ship leaders will now be able to enter Scouts BSA advancement for Scouts in their unit provided the Scouts BSA advancement slider is enabled on the Scout’s profile page.

New Features

  • Purchase Order
    • The ScoutNET File link has been removed from the Purchase Order. This file became obsolete with the release of Internet Advancement 2.0. Units do not need to generate the ScoutNET file, however the Unit Advancement Report on the Purchase Order is still required to purchase restricted awards.
  • Internet Advancement Notice
    • The notice below the Internet Advancement link on the user’s dashboard is no longer needed and has been removed.
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