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June 23, 2021 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Advancement Report
    • The Advancement Report generated from the Purchase Order has been updated to the latest version from the BSA. The new version replaces Boy Scouts with Scouts BSA and removes the restriction of female Venturers and Sea Scouts earning Scouts BSA awards.
  • International Phone Numbers
    • An issue that caused international phone numbers to revert to US format when the profile was saved has been fixed. International phone numbers are activated when the county in the user’s profile is not United States. International phone numbers are limited to 20 characters.
  • Missing Council
    • Accounts where the Council was not set in the profile have been updated to use the Council that corresponds to the BSA Member ID. This is required so that council staff can see the account in their Volunteer Support Tools.
  • My Positions Timeout
    • An issue that caused the My Positions page to timeout has been fixed. This issue could cause the My Account page to timeout if the Feature Assistant Extension for Scoutbook for Chrome and Firefox was in use.
  • Parents and Scouts CSV (Council Admins Only)
    • An issue that caused some parents to be excluded from the Parents and Scouts CSV has been fixed.
  • Whitewater Rafting Award
    • The low resolution image of the Whitewater Rafting Award has been replaced with a high resolution image.
    • The award was incorrectly named Summit Activity Whitewater Rafting Emblem on the Needs Approval, Purchasing and Awarding reports. This has been changed to Whitewater Rafting BSA Award (Scouts BSA) or Whitewater Rafting BSA Award (Venturing/Sea Scouts) depending upon program.
  • World Conservation Award (Wolf)
    • An issue that prevented requirement 3 of the World Conservation Award (Wolf) from auto-completing when Spirit of the Water Adventure requirements 1 and 2 are completed has been fixed.
  • Youth Leadership
    • An issue that prevented parents from adding youth leadership positions to their children has been fixed.

New Features

  • Adults not on Official Roster Warning
    • A :warning: icon will be displayed on the unit roster next to any adult leaders that are registered with the BSA but not registered with the unit. This warning is for informational purposes. As long as the adult stays registered with the BSA they can remain on the unit’s roster in Scoutbook.
  • Charter Expiration Warning
    • A :stopwatch: icon will be displayed next to unit member’s names on the roster when the unit is within 30 days of being removed due to the charter grace period expiring.
  • Parent Connections
    • When an adult connects to a Scout using the Connect to your Scout as parent/guardian function on the adult’s connection page, an e-mail will be sent to the Key 3 of the scout’s unit(s) alerting them the connection was made.
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