January 24, 2024 New Calendar Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Multi-Unit Events
    • An issue that caused multi-unit events to be filtered incorrectly has been fixed. Mulit-unit events will only display for units enabled in the Unit Filter.
  • Time Picker
    • An issue that caused the time picker to close after selecting the minutes, thus preventing the selection of AM/PM has been fixed. Note: The time picker has been changed from an analog clock to a digital selection.

New Features

  • Hide DLE
    • The New Calendar will now respect the setting of the Scoutbook Hide DLE (Den Leader Experience) selector. If set, events created by DLE will not appear on either the Scoutbook or New Calendar.
  • iCal Calendar Subscription Link
    • The iCal Calendar Subscription links have been moved to below the calendar events section. This reduces the amount of scrolling required on mobile devices to see the calendar events.

Removed Features

  • Static iCal Calendar
    • The static iCal Calendar link has been removed. The link to import a calendar subscription into another calendar system such as Google Calendar or Apple Calendar remains.
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