January 17, 2024 New Calendar Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Event View
    • An issue that caused some users to see events for units they are not members of has been fixed.
  • Grid & List View
    • An issue that allowed the Grid & List calendar views to display events outside of the selected month has been fixed. The selected month & year in the upper left of the calendar
  • Text Wrapping
    • An issue that caused text to wrap in the middle of a word in both calendar event title and description has been fixed. Text will now wrap at word boundaries.
      now apply to the Grid & List views.
  • Unit Type Labels
    • The format of the unit type labels in both the My Calendar and subscription lists will now match.

New Features

  • Calendar Contrast
    • Contrast between text and background colors in the calendar has been improved.
  • Calendar Ordering
    • Calendar Events will now be displayed before the “My Calendars” list. This will reduce the amount of scrolling required to view events, especially on mobile devices.
  • Delete Recurring Events
    • An option to delete recurring events after Today or a specified date has been added.
  • My Calendar
    • The My Calendar section and each sub-unit in the section is now collapsible/expandable by clicking the down or right arrows respectively.
  • Save Filter Savings
    • Calendar filter savings will now be saved and applied to all devices where the user logs in. There is no SAVE button. Filter changes are automatically saved.