November 2, 2023 New Calendar Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Calendar Events
    • An issue that prevented events on the Scoutbook Calendar from appearing on the IA Calendar for units who’s charter has lapsed has been fixed.
  • Calendar URL
    • An issue that caused Internet Advancement to log in to the landing page instead of the calendar page when a Calendar URL was clicked has been fixed. Note: There is still an issue for any members that are Merit Badge Counselors or Council Admins in Internet Advancement. For these users, they will be logged in to the landing page.
  • Event Creation
    • An issue that allowed a Unit Admin in Unit A to create an event for Unit B where the individual is a member but not Unit Admin has been fixed.
  • Parent Access
    • An issue that prevented parents from accessing the calendar for their connected children has been fixed.
  • Sub-Unit Events
    • An issue that caused events created for a sub-unit to be saved as unit events has been fixed.
  • User Interface Update
    • When a user clicks on a day in the month view of the calendar, the day will be highlighted in the right panel and any events on that day displayed. Note to create a new event, the image must be clicked.

New Features

  • Patrol Events
    • A event type of Patrol Meeting has been added to the list for Patrol events.
  • Sub-Unit Events
    • Any leader registered in the unit can now be selected as an invitee to a sub-unit event.
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