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What single push button display screen is going to report which of my units are JTE Gold, Silver, or Bronze? Sure I can download a bunch of reports. then table them against unit reports and fill up my time with generating pivots. Simple question. Unit trying to achieve JTE level whatever is selected at the unit assessment. Great. Where would I look to have that matrix presented to me to see if that unit is on target? Or is JTE falling to the wayside? Appears one can’t even get patches or banners or ribbons from scoutshop.org and the Council order form stopped in 2019. yes I have looked at Journey To Excellence | Boy Scouts of America and it’s Training manager training, scoresheet and other objects. Looking for the unit is on target to level xyz if they only 123…

We were able to get patches in January, but have been told if you don’t order them quickly, you’ll be out of luck.

All of the JTE data could be there between Scoutbook, IA2, and my.scouting, but there isn’t a report. Very big missed opportunity.

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Kind of the point. Yes I understand I’m venting to volunteers on a volunteer portal. We want units to succeed and yet we make the simplest of things difficult.
Scoutbook - Only if the unit agrees to let the commissioner in the unit’s profile. When yes only reflects there are X# of Patrols or Dens but not who is in them. So did they grow? Was there a new one? Nor is there a way to tell whom is active and whom is not. Simple slide bar could be added for that notation. Service hours: Only those for Eagle projects are recorded. Hmm, so parades and demonstrations in the public for advertising scouting is not important?
IA2 - Reporting of advancement progress? Again, if you’re associated with the unit. Not unless added to the roster. Again on the Service Hours, can’t get there from here.
My.Scouting - Camping hours? nope only again Eagle service projects. Packs and Troops just have to make do…
In general I know you @Matt.Johnson and you’ll agree. The capabilities are there in the databases if the intention of National is to task the function of the reports to reflect a thing. @RonaldBlaisdell I know also would like for opportunities to help us overcome these legacy means and be able to provide meaningful data to the units. For most units having these records as all manual entry is a very real reason they turn over or quit. Scouting has a tendency to focus toward what is making money. Keeping leaders is one. and that is recorded here in JTE. Just kind of goes hand in hand. Safety is the trend at the moment. We if the unit Trip Request form is made a requirement then that may lead more people to think about safety as part of the plan.
Where a part of this rub comes from for me a Commissioner is that the form gets turned in to me for signing. Sure I personally meet with units when i have the opportunities. Usually every other month if not on the phone. So I’m aware of a lot of what they are doing. What to them and to make our duties easier is when we go to thank them for being awesome, we don’t require them to fill out a form that takes them 2-3 days to do just so I can turn around and get them a banner, patch, Plaque or something and hand that to them.
From the National standpoint, Sure this is a check sheet for the unit of what “Ideal” looks like. From the unit standpoint why bother? I don’t want another banner and having and outside the unit leader or DE visit, for some, (quite a few really) is just stress they don’t want.
If National is focused on safety at the moment then why is safety not on the scoresheet?
If we’re concerned about having trained leadership then why is there not a due date for time Direct contact leaders to be Position Specific Trained?
If getting out in the pubic is the new way to push units to advertise then why are we not tracking units that are going out into the public?
If we’re trying to appreciate those that do then why is it a jigsaw puzzle just to get a baseline token or memento (banner, patch, plaque, certificate to say Look here’s a something for your time.
Why are we putting the burden of scoring scouting on the leaders doing the scouting especially when the capabilities in the database could report it?

Active engagement targets:
How many troop youth youth made First Class in the first 18 months of joining?
How many Cubs achieved Bobcat in the first two months?
How many youth and adults are active (Did not tell a leader they quite, Did not communicate anything in 3-4 months.)

IF JTE is to be the measure of how is the units doing? I feel it should not be the unit that reports how they are doing but rather the conversation be from the commissioner here is how the unit is doing. That’s my opinion and I could be convinced otherwise but I don’t believe putting the burden on the leader to report they are successful if the databases can report it. It’s just a big waste of time and energy to do this on paper for all especially if it’s involves looking into 4 different national provided tools to do it.

@LarryPotter have you, by chance, looked at the new unit dashboard in Commissioner Tools? For those units truly utilizing Scoutbook/IA, there is more of a wealth of information available to assigned Commissioners. It’s not everything, but it is a good start. And it’s more than just service hours on Eagle Projects.

At the district and council level there are new (in the last 1-2 years) reports that also show information about service and advancement for those with access to Roster Reports in My.Scouting.

It’s not everything you request, but it’s a start. Every journey has to start with a footstep.


Have you utilized commissioner tools in the past 4 months. A lot of what you are looking for is there. All council commisioners where notified when this rolled out and I think there is evene a notice in this forum as well as the commissioner newsletter. There is an active movement to make all of these items more accessible but if people ignore them after tey have been provided there is no motivation to provide more,


@LarryPotter -

Have you even looked at the Unit Dashboard in My.Scouting Commissioner Tools??

@ZacharyMcCarty, I have, Scoutbook is not the same as the entries for IA. Units deciding where to put what.

@RonFedele Yes Commissioner tools are being updated I am aware, I have and do use the new matrix tables.

There are no activity logs in SB. Both the eagle and the general one are in IA

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What he is showing is that you can label a meeting as a campout and take attendance. Not a log, but it is data.