Reports for JTE criteria

Has anyone created or come across a mapping of which currently-available or Internet Advancement reports line up with JTE criteria by unit type? Just had a new committee chair ask where to source the JTE data for advancement and membership and realized I didn’t have a readily available checklist or way to explain or demonstrate.

For rank advancement, you can use the “[Program] Recognition Report”:

Set the start date to: 01/01/2022
Set the end date to: 12/31/2022

Check the box next to: “Include Awarded Within Date Range”
Sort by: “Award Type” or “Award Name”

The Committee Chair will need to make sure to only count a Scout once, even if the Scout earned more than one rank that year.

Depending on how comfortable the Committee Chair is with spreadsheets, they could export to report to a CSV file and use Excel to filter the ranks based on the Scout’s names.

For membership I think you can use the current and previous Recharter reports if a hardcopy and/or electronic copy was saved.
I do NOT know of an easy way to use either IA or SB to create a set of CSV (or other) files (old & new), maybe could create a new csv file list of scouts from IA (Roster reports), but unless had been creating csv (or other) files for the old data and saving it someplace, would be hard.
Hope this helps

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The new Unit Dashboard will help Commissioners with this question (starting beta testing soon [don’t ask, all beta slots are full]).

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