JUN 2023 Activity Logs Not Displaying Camping Activity

I’ve attempted to enter a campout 3 times via “+ New Activity Log” and once from the calendar event. Each time when I click on the Month view of Activity Logs it does not appear. However, when I select a scout I can see that the event has been created 4x.
I need a bug fix and the ability to remove the duplicate events.


There is a known issue that activities that span start in one month and end in the next do not display. This is in the development backlog.

There are reports that if you go to an individual Scout’s log you can see the duplicates and delete them.

Thanks for the quick response. The event was summer camp and impacts ~35 individuals, when multiplied by 4, that’s quite the ask to delete one-by-one.

There are only 3 “extra” events. You should be able to delete the extra events (not the individual participants) by locating them in one scout’s logs, at least from what has been described by others.

You could also wait for the bug fix, on the assumption that the duplicates will eventually appear in the unit activity log calendar view, and can then be deleted.

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Actually, if I open the event and remove everyone it asks if I want to delete the activity. Problem solved. Thanks

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