Camping Log not Showing up

I have accidently entered multiple campouts for my Scouts at the end of March. The campout spans from March 31-April 2. I cannot see the entry record in the calendar to delete the extra entries. How can I pull them up to see them?


Are you on the activities page or the IA Calendar? Try looking for them on the activities page.

I’m on the activities page.


Do you have camping turned on in the filter?

Yes, it is turned on.


Did you try clicking on both March and April?

I think you might do an activity report for a scout to make sure the date you think was entered was used

The entries do not show up in March or April. All the entries show up on the Camping Nights report.


I have asked the developers to investigate. I suspect it has something to do with crossing the months.

I had a problem with the unit activity log where I accidentally entered a start and end date for a service project that was a year apart instead of the same day. it did not show up in the log.

But it did show up on individual scout logs, and I was able to go into the activity from there and edit it to the same date. Once I did that the event appeared.

I suspect there may be a display issue in the activity log when an activity has start and end dates that cross months. i reported my issue here but never got a response.

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Can you tell me which unit this is for? We see you are registered in multiple.

Troop 219. I was able to go into an individual Scout’s record and find the multiple entries and change the dates to just be in March for the duplicates and delete them. I left the original spanning March/April for the developers to see.

I’m having the same problem. I noticed that our Philmont trip was not listed in the activity logs, so I added it. The trip was from June 19 - July 3. It said it successfully added it, but the item never showed up in the logs. I did it again. Nothing. I tried it again using a different name, because it might have been a duplicate from previous years. Still didn’t show up.

I looked at my son’s activity report, and all 3 are showing up on there, but none of them are available in the activity logs. I can’t edit or delete them to fix it.

Troop 375


The developers are aware of the issue and have added it to the backlog.

Go into an individual Scouts camping log and find the extra entries. You can edit them from there and change the dates to be start and end in the same month and then go into the Camping Log and delete them. That is what I did.