Campout that spans two months can't be viewed

I entered a campout that ran from 9/29 - 10/1 . It is not visible in either September or October, and I have no way of editing it or viewing it. I think it is because it goes through 2 months, because all of my entries that are in a single month are visible. How can I see a campout that isn’t visible from the calendar? It is definitely there because when I run a report for the troop, I see the campout for all the participants.

You’ve hit a known bug that’s already been reported to the developers.

If you created multiple events (thinking that it didn’t get created), go into a single scout’s activity log list, then select the duplicate event(s), edit them, and delete the event. Some reports indicate you have to remove all of the participants before you’re offered the option to delete.

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Thanks - that worked. Now I have a work-around to edit my activities until the developers have a chance to fix it.

This should be fixed I believe - let me see

I am still not seeing my campout in either September or October, though I can access it through the activity log for individual scouts.

So is this just a Camping Log entry? or a Log entered through a Calendar event? @TinaNevin

I honestly don’t know the difference. I go to advancement.scouting, Activity Logs, and hit the + button to create a camping item. When I look in Activity Logs at the calendar it is not there.

@TinaNevin - if you create something in the activity log only it will not show when you click on the calendar in nor at

@DonovanMcNeil - i just tested adding a camping log entry for 30 October to 3 November. It stated that it was saved but does not show up in the activity log view.

All of my other campouts and service projects are visible, it’s just this one I can’t see.

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