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We have entered an activity for Summer Camp, July 30-August 5, 2023. It is not showing up on our Activity list for July or August. Because of this we entered this activity again. When we ran oir OA Eligibility report we noticed that they got credit for more summer camp then they should. So we ran an individual activity report for a scout and saw on it that Summer Camp is listed twice on it.

However, we still cannot see it listed on the actual Activity Listing page.

How can we get Summer Camp to show and how can we delete the duplicated entry for all 41 people?

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There is a known issue with displaying activities that span months. The developers are working on a fix.

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How to delete an invisible entry - go to a scout participant, open their log, edit the event you want to remove, remove all the participants. When the last scout is deleted, you get the option to delete the event.

Thank you both. I didnt know about the bug and thought i did something wrong. I didnt know you could delete an activity because for years it wouldn’t let you. I can now delete all the single person acrivities that were legacy events that we then entered as a troop event to have everyone on the same report. We were just zeroing out the days or nights or miles or hours.

Again, thank you.


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