June 8, 2022 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Crew Guide
    • An issue that caused the Crew Guide youth leadership position to be labeled as Troop/Team Guide has been fixed.
  • Dens
    • An issue that prevented Cub Scout Dens from being deleted, even if no leaders or Scouts showed on the den roster has been fixed.
  • Merit Badges
    • An issue that prevented a connected Merit Badge Counselor that is not also a leader in the Scout’s unit from uploading a picture in the Merit Badge or Requirements note fields has been fixed.
  • Purchase Order
    • An issue that caused a time out Whoops error when trying to delete items from large purchase orders has been fixed.
  • Unit Roster
    • An issue that caused some Scouts that were properly registered in the unit to display the :warning: has been fixed. Only Scouts not registered in the unit should show the :warning:

New Features

  • Landing Page
    • The Scoutbook landing page has been changed. When logging in to Scoutbook, you will now be directed to the My Dashboard page with the Administration section expanded. Click the
      image in the upper left corner to return to the original landing page.
  • Merit Badge Counselor Management (Council Admins Only)
    • For Councils that manage the list of Merit Badges (MB) a Merit Badge Counselor (MBC) counsels via a file upload can now upload files only with changes. For example, if a single MBC is changing, the upload file only needs to include the single line for that MBC. The upload file no longer needs to contain a line for each MBC in the council. Updated instructions can be found at Managing Merit Badge Counselor Assignments Using Scoutbook
  • Nova Counselor/Supernova Mentor
    • All Nova Counselors & Supernova Mentors will now have “Approved by Council” below the position.