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Key 3 meetings

You only get email reminders for events to which you are invited. But I sync the Troop calendar to Apple Calendar (actually BusyCal), and so it reminds me of everything. Which is actually what I want! But I assume not everyone wants to be reminded of everything. Then again, for all I know, I’m the only one using iCal sync in my Troop.

That’s not a Scoutbook thing, though. BusyCal is defaulting to adding am alarm for every new event. You can edit that in the BusyCal settings, telling it not to automatically set alarms for that calendar. If you have others syncing to the SB calendar, you might need to take a few minutes to explain how the sync works, and what it will do to the calendar on their phone.

Actually, I was talking about my calendar app (Google calendar) firing event reminders. I agree that emails from Scoutbook only come out if you’re invited (and reminders are set). It hadn’t occurred to me that a calendar app would automatically create reminders for every event that appears on it.

Sure, that’s entirely right, but I don’t want whatever hypothetical people who are syncing via iCal and are not on the Key 3 to be bothered with events they have no interest in.

I like the Adult patrol idea; if not for the limitations you mention, it would be perfect.

Wait, I’m confused. You only get Google Calendar reminders for events you’re invited to? Maybe iCal sync is more sophisticated than I had thought.

I see the event’s existence via a synched calendar, but if I’m not invited, I don’t get any kind of reminder. If I want a reminder, I can add one.

I’m not sure I’d consider automatically getting reminders for stuff just because it exists on my calendar a feature. Getting notice it was added is useful.

Yeah, there’s never a perfect solution that satisfies everyone and involves no user interaction. :wink:

You could make the Key 3 people Patrol Admins for the fake patrol.

That’s a good idea. Let me try it and report back.

What @JenniferOlinger said. I’ve done this for patrols with no scouts before. It’s clunky at best, but it does work.

It works. Took me a while to remember how to add leaders to a patrol, since we don’t use that functionality in SB… But I added myself as a patrol admin, and now show up as a leader in the calendar.

So Google Calendar sends you reminders based on whether you’re invited to an event in Scoutbook? I must look into this.

Poor phrasing on my part there.

Google calendar does not (by default) provide reminders for any event, invited or not. If I want one, I have to set it. If I’m not invited to an event, I get no reminder from Scoutbook. Google calendar doesn’t understand (I think) the distinction between an event to which I’m invited and an event that just appears in the linked calendar.

Ah. Gotcha. Yeah, that’s the same behavior in BusyCal, except that I set it to remind me of everything.

W00t! That works perfectly. Just go to the individual leader’s page, click “Add position/role,” and add them as a Patrol admin to the “fake” patrol.

Bonus: Now, if you click Send Message, all members of that “patrol” are pre-selected.

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