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Add key 3 delegate to pack from Troop?

I am Scoutmaster for a Troop. I am going to have a phone appointment with the Pack Committee Chair for my son’s pack. I have offered to be their advancement chair or assistant to the chair in order to get them set up to use Scoutbook for advancement.

I know that I need to be a Pack Admin in order to set up Scoutbook for them. Will he be able to set me up as a Key 3 delegate when I do not yet hold a leadership position in the Pack? Can he do that in my.scouting? or does he need to do it in Scoutbook?

I know that I added a Key 3 delegate for my Troop through Scoutbook. He was someone who held a leader position in another Troop but not ours (he is acting as Troop liason for our linked troops in order to set up shared calendar items). I would not have seen him in my scouting, but could search for him in Scoutbook.

I am wondering if the pack committee chair will need to access Scoutbook in order to give me key 3 status. By looking as a parent, I can see that the only adult in the Pack connected to Scoutbook is actually no longer in Pack leadership - he has moved on to our Brother Troop.

I am hoping to have as much info as possible for him when we have our call later today. The pack is kind of stuck and not even sure how to do advancement with no in-person meetings and our local scout shops closed. I’d love to be able to give him as much help as possible when we speak.

Any direction all you experts can give is greatly appreciated.

I may have just answered my own question. I still can’t see my key 3 delegate in my.scouting. Does this mean that I can be given the role of Pack Admin through Scoutbook just for Scoutbook? It looks promising.

I think that is what we need until I can get an application processed by our council (that takes quite a while right now).


You are correct, you need to have a registered position in the unit to be a Key 3 Delegate. You can be added as a Pack Admin without being a registered leader in the pack. An existing admin just needs to go to the pack roster, click on Add Leader then enter you in the search bar (BSA Member ID or e-mail will be the most accurate). Once the search locates you, select it, select the Pack Admin role and click Submit.


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