Leader can't update advancements

I have a Den leader who cannot update advancements. He can see his past leadership positions, but I don’t seem to be able to.

It does appear there are two different parents linked to his scout.

Please advise.

Please provide the BSA Member ID or Scoutbook User ID and we will investigate.

BSA Number 134363534
Thank you

@TammieSutton that user is not a currently registered Den Leader and so has lost access in Scoutbook - he used to be but it has lapsed - he will need to reregister

Please ask your local council to remove the incorrect parent connection.

He reregistered. How do I get this new registration paired up with this prior account?
Thank you.

@TammieSutton I see no processed registration under that name - council SHOULD use the same BSA # and all will align itself

According to Akela, the BSA person database, his Den Leader registration ended 9/30/2020. You will need to speak with your Council.

Thank you. I will work with council.

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