Entering Service Hours Reset Needed?

Why can I, a Scoutmaster with full admin, not enter service hours, hiking information, and camping information in Scoutbook Activity Logs? I was able to do this a few months ago. If units are supposed to enter service hours in through activity logs through IA/Scoutbook and I can’t there are big problems. What destructive change has happened to prevent leaders from doing this?..This is what I sent to Scoutbook’s FB messenger. I also reached out to my Council Registrar although she should not have to deal with the fallout over every one of the “great new updates” that breaks Scoutbook.

Scoutbook messenger told me to post here and said “There is likely a bug in your login or a reset needed. Please post your questions to the “Using Scoutbook” support forum at discussions.scouting.org so the volunteer support team can assist you there so you can get your access regained.”


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You sure you had the correct unit selected under the Fleur?

Yeah It only showed the units my son is in. It doesn’t show the units I’m a leader in. When I logged off and back it now it doesn’t even let me enter anything for Activity Logs. I can only print a report.

Try holding Down SHIFT + Refresh at same time

What do you mean by refresh when I hold down shift? I want to do it right.

hold shift + refresh the webpage at the same time

Done. It doesn’t look like anything changed. I see the first attachment when I click on troop reports and the second attachment when I click on Activity Log Report. There isn’t anything to add a log. :frowning:

I can no longer even get to my profile page on IA

Well you are looking in wrong place - in Scoutbook go to Quick Entry > Enter Activity Logs
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Select Scouts in Roster

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Choose Log

Thank you for that and thank you for whatever mojo you have because it’s now not just showing my son’s units, but my units as well!


Hi Cherie,

Just saw this thread on the forum. Were you able to enter all the camping, hiking and service hours? If so, GREAT! If not, please call me and I’ll talk you through it.

Anita :wink:

Yes! They were able to reset me with that shift thing and then get me to go to the right place :rofl:

Excellent! :+1:

It’s not always intuitive, I admit. Glad it’s working now.


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