Life merit badges incorrect

Tenderfoot Scout has only non-required merit badges earned so far. Under Life, the non-required badges do not include the non-required badges used for Star.

This issue is both on the Life Advancement page and in the Individual Advancement report.

Also, as you can see in the images below, the merit badges do not match up in either place.

BSA #: 137136811



@JosephKauffman - what does it say for the merit badge section for Star and Life… and it appears that it is positioning the MB based on date which it should.

Star: Earn six merit badges, including any four from the required list for Eagle. You may choose any of the merit badges on the required list for Eagle to fulfill this requirement. See Eagle rank requirement 3 for this list.
Life: Earn five more merit badges (so that you have 11 in all) including any number more from the list for Eagle so that you have a total of seven from the required list of Eagle in that total number of 11 merit badges. You may choose any of the 17 merit badges on the required list for Eagle to fulfill this requirement. See Eagle rank requirement 3 for this list.*

That is displaying correctly - in Life there are 7 spots for Eagle Required MBs

@JosephKauffman - and those after 7/14 will be found under Eagle

@DonovanMcNeil Orienteering and Radio from Star should be repeated in the list of merit badges shown under Life.

Additionally merit badges 8 - 11 shown for Life are different in the 2 places.


There is a bug. Life should be showing Orienteering, Radio, Geocaching and one of the 7/14/21 MBs. I have reported this to the developers.

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@edavignon - ok… thanks… I thought it looked correct… i know I am due for an eye exam now

@edavignon just an FYI, since I noticed this I rechecked the Life scout from my previous bug reports and everything still looks correct from those fixes.

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OH I see what you are saying - I was just looking at ER ones

@edavignon Same Scout ID as above, there also seems to be a discrepancy in the sort order in merit badges for Eagle and Palms. Seems they are in order by “Marked Completed” date rather than the date completed. Individual Advancement Report looks like it uses the date completed and not the Marked Completed date, which may be the cause.


Palm 1

Thanks @JosephKauffman

We will look into it.

I don’t think so. Geocaching is Completed 7/9 (Marked Completed 8/13) and appears before Aviation (Completed 7/14 Marked Completed 7/19), which is itself before Astronomy (Completed 7/14 Marked Completed 7/19). If it was sorting by Marked Completed, both Aviation and Astronomy should have preceded Geocaching, Orienteering and Radio, all of which were Marked Completed on 8/13.

I suspect the sort algorithm is something like:

IF (DateCompleted1 = DateCompleted2)
IF(DateMarkedCompleted1 = DateMarkedCompleted2)

This is based on the IAR snapshot which shows Geocaching preceding Aviation in the listing, which itself precedes Astronomy, even though alphabetically Astronomy would precede Aviation, if that was the final sorting step.

Apologies for my butchery of pseudocode. :^)


Orienteering and Radio should be shown as Life electives. SB was updated recently so that Life shows the MBs earned for Star plus the additional MBs for Life, similar to how Eagle shows all 21.

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Yep, I caught that from your earlier post. I just meant that the sort order wasn’t consistent with @JosephKauffman’s postulated algorithm (i.e. based on date Marked Completed).

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@CharleyHamilton - if it were notfor those pesky kids we could have gotten away with it.

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