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I am starting to think that the plan is to wear down scouters of linked troops with systems that seem to cause us to have to do double entry. Right now, I have to enter in several camping trips and service projects for our two linked troops. The only way I know how to do this, is to enter each camping trip and service project in twice - once for each troop. With the very slow load times on Internet Advancement, it is taking me over 5 minutes per event x 2. Is there any way to record these activities for both troops at the same time?


Linked troops per the BSA are separate units, just like two troops chartered by different Charter Orgs, thus they are treated as separate troops in all tools.


@CarrieHaber - admins common to the units under the same charter org can enter events for the units in one entry… I have done that a number of times in IA calendar.



That only works for the calendar, not activity log.

@edavignon - ah… good point. Have not worked that part of it. And indeed it locks that portion of the event.

This is a strong argument to figure out how to have coed troops for Scouts BSA. It is totally ridiculous to allow linked troops but then make it so difficult for adult leaders to do the administrative electronic “paperwork” to support both units. At least we can add events to the calendar for both units. I am an admin on both.

Is it possible to add a feature to allow linked troops to add activities to calendar events? That would be ideal. Thank you for the consideration.


This is a discussion you need to have with your Council.

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