Activities are locked

“Activities are locked. Activities cannot be created within events that include multiple units/sub-units. To add activities, go to the Activity logs page.”

Having multiple units sharing an event together and then making leadership go back and enter all the activities separately is a huge time suck. It would be VERY VERY helpful to linked units if this little lockout went away. Please and thank you.


Currently only events for single units can be linked to activity logs. There is an item in the backlog to remove this restriction but we do not know when it will be ready for release.

Thank you. I hope it will be soon. I like to keep things up-to-date so OA qualification and activity-related awards are easier to track.

Activities can still be entered in the logs, just not through the event interface. It’s an extra step to create and track participation in both the calendar and the logs, but it is doable at this time.

They can, but with 3 units attending this event and two units at every other event, that’s a LOT of extra typing and many extra steps that could just be a button click. This time of year, with Webelos/AOLs attending Troop and council events, it’s 3 units almost all the time. Those camping nights, hiking miles, and service hours count towards BSA awards and it’s horribly unfair to ignore tracking them.

As one of only 2 people with admin access and the advancement chair to all three units, that falls on me in my “one hour a week”. I’m not the only one wearing many hats and we all need to sleep at some point.


Unit Key 3 are automatically unit admins. In addition a unit admin can add additional admins directly in Scoutbook or creating Key 3 Delegates in My suggestion is getting more people trained in using the tools and spread the load.

As I said earlier there is an item in the backlog to remove the restriction on linking multiple unit calendar events to activity logs. At this time we do not know when this will be scheduled for development work.

There’s a fundamental question about how that would work that needs to be addressed. You mention you are one of two people with that level of access to all units involved. What if you both leave? We generally want more than two people to have access.

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