Linked unit event in Scoutbook?

Is it possible to create one event in Scoutbook for our linked B and G units to access? If we’re both attending we don’t need to create two events for the same thing, correct?

Someone who is an admin in BOTH units can make a single event that shows for both

No you cannot link units or calendars in Scoutbook. If you want both units to see it you will create the event in each calendar

Andrea Simpson

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A person who is an Admin for both units can create a single calendar event for both units.

Please list the steps that can be used for this several of us have tried and were told by Scoutbook support that you could not create one event for two units.

Andrea Simpson

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Hi, @The_Kernel,

Our troop and pack have done this before.

You select more than one calendar in this drop-down:

The caveat is that only a leader who has calendar access privileges in both units can edit that event from that point forward. We had a bunch of trouble with this, and stopped doing “joint” events in that way.

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If you are an admin in multiple units the drop down with list them like this:sb-cal
and you would just check off which on the list are in the the event.

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So if the event was created by one side or the other, can it be edited later by an admin on both sides to add the other side? Example: COH created by G unit to be edited to later include B unit… or does it need to include both units from the creation of the event?

Good question, @KarenPalleschi. We’ve never tried it that way before, and I don’t have quick access to someone with whom to try it out.

My expectation is that it should work that way, since you can add events to multiple calendars within the same unit (e.g. adding a troop event to a patrol calendar) after creation.

other units can be added later - but it does not look like it adds the other units scouts - the Double Admin would have to go in and do that

Only the double admin will be able to edit the event. But others can comment. We began experimenting with this for our shared events. It works well as long as you have an individual who is willing to manage the joint calendar. I gave admin privileges to the leader who is implementing the boys’ unit transition to Scoutbook. It works great, because it allows both Troops to see the RSVPs for both Troops, until we figured this out, the other Scoutmaster and I kept emailing back and forth prior to the events to see if we needed to close the registration.

Angela - thank you for the firsthand validation. I am an admin for the pack and troop and I know it worked in that case but depending upon the type of event you have to start with the right focus.

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