Lion Shooting Sports Emblem

I was working on the PO for our summer pack activities. I saw that last years Lions that did their shooting sports activity were marked for getting a Lion Shooting Sports emblem. I added this to the PO.
When I viewed the PO, this Lion Shooting emblem came up as item # 625514, which is the Webelos Shooting emblem. As far as I can tell, a Shooting emblem does not exist for the Lion scouts (earning it is valid, there just is not a patch to present to the scouts)
Please correct Scoutbook so that it does not populate the Webelos award for the Lion Scouts.

I am not sure about what the current Cub Scout activities and program are being included in Scoutbook and the Scout Store catalog.

There might be confusion because different programs may be affecting shooting activities and programs:

  • Safety
  • National Camp Accreditation
  • Outdoor Programs - shooting programs
  • Advancement (in handbooks and changes).
  • Scout Store inventory management and in stock status

which I believe are all managed by different groups of people.

I suspect it is going to take a couple of days to figure out what is supposed to be in Scoutbook since the product id’s and SKU numbers can change. I hope the Scoutbook folks can figure it out.


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