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Login as Den Leader - not quite ready for primetime

Just a note. Not sure where the feedback should really go, but the new “Login as Den Leader” feature which takes you to is not really ready to “give out” to the den leaders.

  1. The homepage graphics are nice, but there is no clear indicator that you should swipe left to get more info. This feature also doesn’t work on desktop browsers very well at all.

  2. Once you set up a den, there is NO way to modify the meeting schedule or activities for each meeting in ANY way whatsoever. Setting up the den doesn’t even tell you that it will be pre-populating your meeting schedule for the first 3 months. There is no way to take weeks off (pack meetings and holidays - hello!), change out meeting plans, change locations or times, or anything. What if it’s storming during the Webalos Walkabout meeting date? Can’t change the date, can’t change to an indoor activity, can’t just cancel - nothing.

2a) There is no way to add meetings other than the ones set for the Den Setup.

  1. All pre-generated den meetings are marked Indoor even when it’s obviously an outdoor activity. A 3 mile hike is not an indoor activity.

  2. Logging out of the site is in a non-obvoius location (Profile), and is almost impossible to actually click due to the bottom-persistent menu.

  3. Setting up a Den a second time causes an error as the meeting schedule has already been created. So why give the option to set up Den again? Or perhaps just overwrite what was done the first time?

  4. The Scouts in the den are showing a 4% attendance. Why? We have had no meetings for the year, and not all dens will have kept track of attendance before this tool is given to them.

  5. Even as a Den Admin, there is no way to modify Scout connections. Perhaps this is a design decision, but something needs to be indicated to the user about where to go to modify that.

  6. Minor, but you can’t modify anything on the Profile - even the goofy avatars that are used for all scouts and leaders.

These are just the major issues I found in the first 15 min of trying to use the portal. It does not even include minor issues like no contact info for Scouts, their Akelas, etc. I haven’t even tried to use this during an actual meeting. Can you indicate which Scouts did which parts of the activities/requirements?

There was obviously much design work that went into this, and it’s a big improvement in the quality of presentation over and, but right now, this seems to be an alpha release. Months from being able to be used by the average Den Leader. The link absolutely should not be on the top of with the site being in its current state. It will cause more frustration and harm than anything good.


Hi Mark, I noticed the same thing today. Will likely lead to a lot of emails, support tickets, etc. I am looking forward to seeing the new version once ready for Prime Time. Best, Tim


Hmm, from everything I have read, this does not sound like anything that interests me. My den meetings for 2019-2020 are planned. My Cubs have the opportunity to earn their rank by Blue and Gold and will have the opportunity to complete all of the Bear Belt Loops including the two pre views by attending our activities and completing the requirements. That said I guess I should say I just enter info in scoutbook, I have my own spreadsheets for record keeping and planning. If you can’t tell, I was a den leader prior to scoutbook, for me all it does is make submitting rank advancement and awards easier. I did/do not like the green carbon paper form
and delivering it to council.


There is no requirement to use the Den Leader Experience. It is a great resource to help new Den Leaders get started, but as you have found, experienced Den Leaders may prefer to continue doing what they have been doing.

Good because I like flexibility. Our pack cancels meetings if school is cancelled and from what I have read cancellations and changes are not possible at this time using the den leader program.

Assuming your Blue and Gold recognition event is in February, there is no requirement that Cub Scout earn rank by February. Cub Scouting is designed to be at least a school-year (and hopefully year-round) program. I believe rank earned should be presented at the next pack meeting after it is earned, if possible. This issue does not need to be discussed in this topic. For more see discussion in the following topic:

True. Our program is an all year round program. By the time the Cubs go to day camp and camp, plus all the summer time activities, my Cubs usually have their rank by Christmas. (we start June 1). But with the holidays and snow days causing den/pack cancellations, we just plan a big to do at the Blue and Gold.

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