Scoutbook - pre populated calendar?

I need help! I tried to get my den set up. Now there is all of these “meetings” on the calendar, that don’t match what we are doing. I can’t delete them or even just change what we are doing? I put in the start date, but we don’t meet every week, but most weeks. I just want to be able to check off when scouts do certain tasks.

online in scoutbook I don’t have access to the scouts in my den, but on the app I do.

I’m so confused and overwhelmed. I’m pretty techy, so I don’t know why this is so hard, or how to fix it!

@ChristineHayes1 it is probably easier than you think once we get past the confusion. perhaps a quick screen share so we are on the same page to clear things up

Sounds like you used den leader experience. Those meeting dates can be changed or hidden completely by going to the regular scoutbook calendar and clicking hide DLE events.

It does look like your account might be a little messed up too? The positions are odd

OK @ChristineHayes1 you should be fixed now as far as seeing your den

Is that something you can fix? I noticed that too.

Is there a way to edit the meetings in Den Leader Experience? I love the look, and the check offs and attendance, it just doesn’t line up with what we have done or what we are planning. I like that it puts everything there, I’d just like it on the correct days. Sometimes if takes us multiple meetings, is there a way to put an item on more than one day? Like Bobcat. We didn’t do that in one meeting.

Thanks so much for the help.

I did manage to turn off all the meetings in website SB, from the DLE.

Moving meetings is pretty easy - but with DLE it is do it their way or not at all - so if it says this adventure is one meeting there is no way to divide it

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