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Is anyone else having trouble logging in to Scoutbook? I tried with both Chrome and Edge.

I was setting up an event reminder to be sent right now and tomorrow night. Instead of sending it, Scoutbook just crashed and gave me the Whoops! error screen

@PeterHopkins - I am in and navigating the living daylights out of it. My first suspect cause is cache

@Stephen_Hornak, thank you. I got back in. It didn’t save the email I had composed as an event reminder. There was a lot of info in there, so it wasn’t fun to compose it again. Otherwise, it looks ok now.

I added six new Scouts earlier today, and that’s a lot for our pack. We only had six active Scouts on June 8. Now, we’re at 26 registered, and I think we’ll easily top 30.

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@PeterHopkins - sorry about the email thing but really awesome on the recruitment.

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Thank you, @Stephen_Hornak. We are in upper Delaware, and it is crowded here, unlike other parts of the country, where there is only one school from which to recruit.

We have hit three schools so far, and we have six more to go. When I became CM earlier this year, I told the COR that my recruiting goal was to become too large for our meeting space within three years. It might happen by the end of next month.

From the 20 Scouts we’ve added, I only have two new volunteers. I need to work on that.

@PeterHopkins - Upper Delaware - not too far from me. I occasionally work in our Wilmington Office so perhaps we may well cross paths. Wish you luck on recruiting and with securing leaders.

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@Stephen_Hornak, our pack is in Claymont.

Many on here may not realize that Delaware is a small state, but it is in the top 10 in population density. It has only three counties, and more than half the state’s population lives in the northernmost county, New Castle.

Here’s how small the state is. From home, I can drive 10 minutes north and be in Pennsylvania. I can drive 15 minutes (depending upon bridge traffic) east and be in New Jersey. I can drive 20 minutes west and be in Maryland.

When you move to Delaware and register your car at the DMV, they just give you a six-digit number for your tag, unless you get a vanity plate.

Yet, Delaware is centrally located. I have left home and been in my seat at a Phillies game with a cheesesteak in my hand 50 minutes later. Baltimore is close enough to attend an Orioles game on a weeknight and get home at a reasonable hour to make it to work the next day. It takes an hour and 50 minutes to get to the New Jersey side of the Holland Tunnel. How long it will take to get to Manhattan from there is anybody’s guess, but less than 10 minutes with no traffic. It takes about two hours to get to downtown DC. It’s about an hour and a half to the Atlantic City Boardwalk.

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