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Login trouble

Is anyone else having intermittent trouble logging into Scoutbook? I have been for several weeks as have other adults in our unit. We get messages that we couldn’t be logged in and should refresh the page and try again. Sometimes this will happen 3 or 4 times in a row before we can finally log in. It seems to happen regardless of which device I use so I don’t think it is an issue on this end. So far, I’ve always been able to log in eventually but it is annoying when this happens.

What are the symptoms? There was a discussion in another recent thread about getting error messages indicating wrong password or username not found. That looked to be related to the ReCaptcha bot-detection triggering somehow (typing in username/password too soon after the dialog box loaded, autofilling by the OS/browser/password manager, etc).

I have had the same problem, but only when using Chrome, and only on my laptop. It has been suggested that you wait a few seconds after the log-in popup shows up to make sure that any background code finishes loading before you start typing, but I haven’t been on enough times to verify if that fixes it.

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