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Loss of Troop Data

This just happened to me this Sunday. I was inputting blue cards, logged back in and my accout reverted to what it looked like when I first opened my account.
My dashboard was blank, I have no Connection, I also got locked out of my account for 2 day.
Just got access today and my dashboard is still blank.
I am the Scoutmaster so I am a 3 key member, as of now its show no position everything seems like a fresh start.
Even the connection to my 2 Son’s are not even showing up anymore on my account.
Im not sure where to go for help except the forum here

They did a data update and it is being fixed over the next 24 hours - if it does not come back report in forums later in week

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Thanks Donovan, I’ll be keeping an eye out. I’m glad I’m able to access my account at least, for while I was getting persons credentials not found
Thank You again.

This is a good reminder to everyone (me included), to do an export every now and then (monthly)? It would help if things went south. Where it comes in handy is if you need a BSA ID and the Scout or adult is no longer in the system. Most people don’t record their BSA, but the backup does.

Matt thanks for the information. I been using Scoutbook only a few weeks. Just became Scoutmaster and decided to move from Troopmaster to Scoutbook. Found it more user-friendly. As of today nothing has returned back to accountbut our Troopmaster account is still active. I hope did loose a few weeks of work using Scoutbook

no new applications seem to be causing issues - did you do an online application for your Scoutmaster position? or a paper one?

@ErnestIgleta sending you a direct message to get data - look at top right avatar to find it

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