Scout's Information and History Have Disappeared from ScoutBook

My son has been active in the same troop for a couple year. Sometime during the last month, his information has become inaccessible through ScoutBook. I first noticed about 10 days ago. (12/10/23).

Speaking with council representatives, they can see his information in a database. We simply can not see or update via ScoutBook. No known triggers as to why an issue would have developed. The Troop recently rechartered, but he is not dual registered nor has he changed organizations since moving from a pack to a troop several year ago.

Also, I am registered as one of the adult leaders and I have a daughter participating in the Girls’ Troop as well with out issue.

BSA Member ID: 136616322
Blue Ridge Mountains Council
Troop 44 B

Thank you for the help and support.

I can provide more identifying information if needed.


I’ll look into this for you


MID 136616322 did not have any open memberships in Scoutbook. I have requested a position sync. Check after 3:30 PM Central today. If the membership is still not there, check again tomorrow morning.

Will do - thanks. Always appreciate the support


I found you have 2 IDs and 2 Scoutbook IDs. Can I retire your ID that is your e-mail address? Some systems prefer a username that is not an e-mail address.

Hesitantly - I say yes. not sure how the IDs sync up to the rest of the information. As long as I do not lose my child’s information. Yes clean up the system to make it easier. I had trouble getting us set up in the early days.


Your accounts are fixed. Please use the one that you logged in to earlier today for access to all system. I suggest going to My Account → Edit Profile in Scoutbook or Profile in and validating your mailing address as they were slightly different between your various accounts. Changing in one location will fix them all.

I checked your son’s and daughter’s accounts and those look fine except for the missing membership for your son which should be fixed later today or overnight.

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Hi We are having a similar situation. Our sons advancement information has disappeared from the app. Any help or contact person would be a great help. Many thanks

@TheodoreBowne This should be fixed.

However, a Troop Admin will need to fix your Scout’s Memberships in Scoutbook.

Situation has been corrected. Thanks for the support

Thank you! We will reach out to someone in the Troop then.

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