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Loss of all den/pack/scout connections

Been using Scoutbook for years. I was the first to set up our pack and get rolling before it was a free service. I logged in about 2 weeks ago and updated some adventure requirements just fine but today, 10/13, when I logged in, there is no unit/pack/den affiliation. Instead of my current unit affiliation, my dashboard is largely blank except some detail from the council I was in as a Boy Scout years and years ago… I don’t ever remember seeing that before. Was there a mass update performed recently that would’ve replaced my data? Not sure where to go for help except here…

IT has asked us to give it 24 hours for a second process to run.

This just happened to me aslo this Sunday. I was inputting blue cards, logged back in and my accout reverted to what it looked like when I first opened my account.
My dashboard was blank, I have no Connection, I akso got locked out of my account for 2 day.
Just got access today and my dashboard is still blank.
I am the Scoutmaster so I was a 3 key member, as of now its show nothing.
Even the connection to my 2 Son are not even showing up anymore.
Im currently in the same boat, not sure where to go for help except the forum here

@jacobfetzer Is there a particular issue that went down in My Scouting or Scoutbook causing issues because Monday morning both my Registrar and myself saw our email boxes explode with issues.


I don’t have a handle on the details but it’s related to cleaning up duplicate accounts.

If it helps others… after the scheduled maintenace on 10/14/20, my access seems to be restored.

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Scratch that, account is still hosed. I thought it was fixed because when I logged in I could see the pack and my den again and could check off adventure requirements. But as I look more closely, there are portions that aren’t right. I can’t manage the roster for the pack. My account still shows attached to my old Boy Scout council. It was showing that I had 181 “old connections” so I cleared them and that removed my access to the pack and den so what I think happened is that the only thing that was temporarily restored were the connections, not the real role within the pack. Anyway, hosed again. Who can we actually talk to to fix an account that clearly has a data problem like this?

@MichaelGarner1 I will send you a direct message > look at top right Avatar to find it

My Scoutmaster is having the same issue. Last week no problems but now when he logs in it reverts to his old council when he was a scout and he has no connectin to our troop. i can see all his info his correct on my end of scoutbook but he has no access. Any help would be appreciated.

Rusty Russell

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