Lost Access to Pack

Last week I implemented several position changes within Pack 236, Atlanta Area Council (092). As part of those changes, I moved from Committee Chair to Committee Member, Advancement Chair and COR Delegate while remaining on of the Pack Admin. Two days after the changes, when I logged into the Pack I found that while I could see the Pack, I could not open any of the members records.

How do I regain full access?

Chuck Olson

@CharlesOlson your pack admin ended 11/8 - that probably ended all your pack connections to scouts - they need to be reestablished by an admin, or you need to be given the admin position again


Good morning. Can you see anything that would show how that happened because no one at the Pack knows how to make that change? We are having the same issue in my.Scouting.org where all of the functional roles were deleted. Nov. 8 was two days after we made the position changes; on 11/7, all of the functional positions were still active.

My Council Registrar is also trying to figure out what happened.



Functional roles are removed with position changes. Since you changed from Committee Chair (CC) to Committee Member (MC), any functional roles you had were removed. If you added the functional roles at the same time you changed from CC to MC, they might have been removed during an overnight process.

I see your COR Delegate is listed as IsCurrent=No. If this is not active tomorrow, contact your Council.

A member of your Pack’s Key 3 will need to add the Unit Advancement Chair role in my.scouting.org. 24 hours later you will be made a Pack Admin and be connected to the Scouts in the pack.

@Ed D’Avignon:

That is good information to know. Is that found in the documentation as it would have been nice to know that before we implemented the changes?

My Council administrator has fixed the COR delegate issue so I will check back tomorrow to see if it took. Our COR is phasing out and I am moving into that slot during recharter. In the meantime she is expecting me to handle everything.



I don’t know if this is documented anywhere.

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