Lost Pack admin permissions

Hello, I am a Committee Chair and Den Leader. I usually oversee and modify scouts and dens in scoutbook. Somehow I now only have den admin permissions. How do I get it back to where I have Pack admin permissions so I can change and modify like I used to be able to?

Jason W.

Was your committee chair position also ended? Do you see the pack admin position under past positions, or is it completely gone?


Your pack admin role was ended in June. You can have any other pack admin add it for you again.

It was under a past position that said it ended in June 30th

Did it say anything in the notes field?

Why would it have ended in June. I still hold that role and recharter doesnt take place until January. Doesnt make much sense to me. We dont have many people that are real familiar with scoutbook like I am. I will try to walk someone through adding me back in

Nothing in the notes field

Is that the only way to get my permissions back?

That’s probably the easiest. You could see if you can remove the end date or add yourself as a key 3 delegate in organization security manager (and wait overnight). I’m not positive whether adding yourself to either will work.

I am already listed as a key 3 in organization manager. I ended my role as committee chair and re-added it. Not sure if that will work or who has to approve and verify that. I will wait until tomorrow and see what happens and go from there.


Any of the other Unit Admins can add or approve the role for you. They are identified by 2 keys next to their name on the unit roster.

To do this, they log in to Scoutbook, go to the unit roster, click on your name then click Pack Admin if it exists then click I Approve then Update. If they don’t see the Pack Admin role they can add it with +Add.

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