Pack admin roles eliminated

Hi - something updated today on our Scoutbook account that eliminated all of the den admin and Pack admin roles. I’m the Cubmaster; neither I or our committee chair have our pack admin roles.

Not sure if it’s something with our charter being posted - I thought it was earlier this month, but all of our roles have reverted to only the registered positions (I’m also a den leader, but no longer have deneaser role in Scoutbook.

@NicholasPedersen1 I think it is related to your charter posting. I have reported it to the developers.

Thanks - any chance someone can correct this soon? We have no den leaders for most of our dens, and can’t use the pack calendar. Not great during the middle of recruiting season

@edavignon can you help (since it’s Northern Star)?

We have had the same issue but our recharter was posted weeks ago.

@NicholasPedersen1 I went ahead and fixed your Pack Admin roles for you and your COR / Committee Chair.

@AllonaMetcalf I do not understand your issue. Your pack has at least 3 Pack Admins.

@JenniferOlinger Thank you!

The only person who had Pack admin last night was the parent who is our new treasurer. He had to go in and give admin privileges back to our cubmaster who then went in and fixed everything that had changed.

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