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Admin rights

Hi, I’m a Key 3 person and used to have Admin rights but now when I log into Scoutbook I no longer have any admin rights. Any thoughts?

Do you still see your positions in your unit, or are those gone too?

Yes, I still see my positions.

Under your past positions, do you see a troop admin position with an end date on it? Does that position have anything in the optional notes field?

No, I don’t see a past position or troop admin position with an end date on it. My current positions are Cubmaster and Asst Scoutmaster

The easiest thing to do would be ask another pack admin to make you one. Is that an option?

Yes, I was thinking to try that option. It shows me as a Key 3 member in my.scouting.org so I don’t know why Scoutbook isn’t setting me up correctly. Thanks

I’m not exactly sure either. Have you recently become a Cubmaster?

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