Make it more obvious on how to get to the full calendar

While training new people, it isn’t obvious to them on where to get to the full calendar view. Many have thought that the “snapshot” of upcoming events, after clicking on Events was it. This is partly due to the Calendar link being “below the fold” for some laptops and especially on phones/tablets. It is also due to the “Upcoming Events” not be a clear link to the calendar. I know it is a link, but most do not.

My request is to rethink how it is displayed. Some ideas would be to:
-“Calendar” first after clicking on Events and then have “Upcoming Events” or have a button to the calendar. So, just reorder what we have.
-Keep the order and “Upcoming Events” name, but add a button to “Go to full Calendar View”

There are probably many other ways of doing this, but the current interface hasn’t been clear to on how to quickly get to the calendar for people I have shown Scoutbook for the first time or two.

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