Scoutbook Calendar?

I’ve been looking throughout Scoutbook and cannot find a calendar of events for my troop. Can someone please explain to me how to display a monthly calendar of all our events and activities. Thanks.

@CharlesNash - you had complained about the weather being at the top of an event page and now you have no idea how to find the calendar. I now suspect that your posts are bogus nonsense.

Dashboard > unit > upcoming events red text

Dashboard >events

If you only see administration click on that

I am truly try to figure out how to use Scoutbook as a tools to communicate in our Troop. Seems to me that the primary functions users are interested in are reviewing the Troop’s calendar, sending email/text messages to Troop members, admining member information. Clicking on three or four links before getting to the calendar seems a bit much. Calendars, messaging, and member admin should be the first things one should see when logging in.

@CharlesNash - is it possible that you did not catch that this works:

Dashboard > events

Dashboard > message


  1. Click MyDashboard
  2. Click Events
  3. Click MyCalendar
    then I see a calendar.

Now is there some way to configure my account so that MyCalendar and Messaging immediately show up at the top of my login home screen. That would be nice.

What I have done is bookmark that on my browser and added a shortcut on the home screen of my phone. There is not any way for the user to modify the interface.

OK thanks. That’s a work around. Will do.

You may want to look around here:

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You should also know that the ScoutBook calendar activities don’t pass over to the Internet Advancement calendar. The two are completely seperate.

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