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Managing RSVPs and Attendance

I have 2 questions:

  1. Once a calendar event is entered and RSVPs are entered, is it possible to use the RSVP and convert it to an attended, once the event is underway? Or is the attendance field completely separate from RSVP field?
  2. We are still using the patrol method to ‘declare’ for trips - the PL submits the list of patrol attendees to the tripmaster. a) Can a PL enter RSVPs for their patrol in Scoutbook? and b) Can we ‘cut off’ the RSVP feature at a particular time so that once the declare deadline has passed, a scout cannot add or change his RSVP (he must go through a leader to avoid last minute changes). If this is not currently an option, it would be a handy feature to add.
    Thanks for your help!

The calendar automatically switches from RSVP to Attendance 1 hour before the event start time in Central Standard Time so depending upon your actual time zone (and time of year) your event could switch to attendance anywhere from 1 hour after the start to 3 hours before the start.

Youth cannot edit the calendar in Scoutbook but some youth (depending on position) can take attendance (not RSVP) in the Scouting App.

No. This is on the requested calendar feature list.

Thanks, but not sure what that means to ‘switch from RSVP to attendance’. I wasn’t able to use quick entry to enter the camping log until I went back in and entered attendance (even though rsvps were entered). What step am I missing?

Hi, @BarbaraDalberth,

Attendance isn’t directly linked to the logs natively in Scoutbook, and attendance doesn’t automatically “complete” based on the RSVPs. You have to manually enter the attendance after the event “starts”.

@edavignon was getting at the idea that the event display in the calendar changes from the “RSVP” display (allowing people who are interested in indicating whether or not they wish to attend) to the “Attendance” display, which is only available to adult leaders (in the Scoutbook web interface), and allows the leader to indicate who actually showed up (as distinguished from who said they were coming).

ETA: I missed your comment about not being able to enter logs until you had entered attendance. I’ve never needed to enter the attendance in order to modify the logs. Did you mean that Scoutbook wouldn’t let you edit the logs until you added attendance? I’ve never experienced that before.

Ok, I get the distinction now, thanks! Although it would be nice if you could simply check those scouts with rsvp as attended (using that rsvp list as an attendance roster, simply check off the scouts who were there.)

I use quick entry to enter camping logs from the calendar so that doesn’t work until the attendance fields are populated.

Thanks for all your work on Scoutbook and quick responses!

The quick entry of camping logs from calendar attendance is a function of the volunteer written and supported Feature Assistant Extension for Scoutbook for Chrome and Firefox, not native Scoutbook. The native Scoutbook Camping Log quick entry is under the Quick Entry link on your unit page.

There are no plans to automatically update logs or advancement based on attendance. Scouts frequently arrive late, leave early or otherwise do not complete the requirements.

There is an item on the feature request list for the calendar to populate a quick entry screen based on attendance similar to what the Feature Assistant Extension does. At this time we do not have a final feature list or schedule for when the calendar will be updated.

Some of the parents in my unit say they are unable to rsvp to events. Anybody experience this and is there a fix?


If the Scout has been invited to the event and the parent can’t RSVP for the Scout, have the parent go to My Dashboard -> Administration -> My Account -> My Connections, select their child’s name and click UPDATE without making any changes. This frequently resets the connection and allows the parent to RSVP.

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