Calendar Attendance Question

Since Scoutbook Plus Internet Advancement will require RSVP’s to be set to on in order to take attendance, will attendance data in past events where RSVP wasn’t on be retained?

@IanTaylor - it is the very same data so it will remain.

RSVP does not have to be set for attendance

@DonovanMcNeil can you share where you are seeing that? I came here with this exact question, as we have had challenges getting family buy-in to utilize the RSVP feature in the past as it was not the most user friendly experience in the Scoutbook version (and we’re willing to try again with the new IA calendar), however in reviewing the linked guide, it specifically states in the “Attendance” section that “The RSVP checkbox must be checked to take attendance”. Is that not/no longer correct?

@Michael-Raymond that is a dated article - Attendance is in top right of event page AFTER the event starts -
Screenshot 2024-03-27 at 9.08.58 AM

Thanks for the update! I was linked to that article directly from the notification banner in Scoutbook, so if it’s outdated, I’d suggest either updating it or refreshing that link with a more current page, just to help others who may be seeing it there for the first time.



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