Manual RSVP won't save

I have an event this Saturday. I went in to mark those that have RSVPed. When I save, nothing changes.

Here you can see 1 RSVP Yes (me) and I’ll mark 3 youth RSVP (this applies to adults & leaders as well).


After adding the 3 RSVP you can see RSVP Yes is now at 4.


I then hit Save Event. You can see the RSVP went back to 1 (me). Even thought Event Saved was successful (according to the notice).

I am not seeing this behavior - also wonder why you are doing it there and not with QE on the event page?
Screenshot 2024-03-04 at 12.44.14 PM

I guess because I forgot it was there. Doesn’t make a difference though, still didn’t work. In the end, it shouldn’t matter which way (if they offer multiple ways).

Some of the youth have saved. I guess I just have to keep doing it enough times and come back 30 minutes later to see if it saves.

For reference, I cleared cache and tried different browsers as well.

I see it now - seems like no RSVP are saving on the Production server - it is reported

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