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Many existing reports are not working

I built over 30 reports to help me manage advancement for the two troops I serve. Some of the small (read tiny) reports work, but most reports with over about 6 or so scouts are NOT returning useful values. They simply say to report the problem on the forums, which I am doing.

I like the revision to the report builder (much better than before!), but I am not pleased when reports that worked a week ago are not working today. I actively use report to manage advancement, and am severely hindered by non-functioning reports. Please help. I can provide a list of reports that work and do not work for me.


Please send an e-mail to with the URL of the reports that are not working properly. We will have the developers look into it. New Report Builder was supposed to have worked with all existing reports.

When you get the SSD number back in the automated e-mails, please post it here.

Delvin - I have worked through the reports that I have had for 9 years including a few created recently and have had no issue. Would it be possible for you to post screen shots of the exact issue.

Frankly I was surprised to get the errors. I really like the cleaner report builder screens.

Error message: The information is unavailable. Try again or report this to the forums (27).

i received this message on several reports that create a cross tab-style report (multiple lines down such as rank requirements, multiple scouts in columns. Will check for URLs in the morning on my other computer.

Delvin Bunton

Delvin - almost seems like an expired session. Do you get the same thing after just logging in?

Yes. I signed on anew this morning and tried several reports. Several worked, several gave one of two messages. One message said no scouts available, another said report the problem on the forum. I also accidentally created three reports with the same name (incorrectly thought the software would recognize dupe names and ask about replacement), and discovered NO WAY obvious to delete a report. None of the new reports to report status of 10 scouts for Wilderness Survival MB return values.

Delvin Bunton

Delvin - as far a deleting reports, you would need to go to the report manager, select the report(s) then click delete.

Found the likely way to delete reports. Will test shortly.

Delvin Bunton

I was able to get a “No Scouts Available” by selecting a merit badge in that test but not selecting scouts. Was that how that result occurred for you ?

Well, the delete reports certainly works since the DEFAULT condition selected all reports. I recommend that if all reports are selected (which I did not notice since only one showed on my screen at a time), the software should ask if you really want to delete all reports. So from here on all my reports will be new since my previously-defined reports are history.

Delvin Bunton

I believe I got that message at least once after creating a report, saving it with scouts selected, then running the report. If I went out to the list of reports and selected the same report I got results.

Delvin Bunton

On my report named “T811 TTFC Cmposite“ (inadvertent typo I tried to fix but failed) I get the Report problem to forum (27) message. It has scouts selected.

Delvin Bunton


Please send an e-mail to with the URL of the failing report(s) so we can have the developers look into the issue. Post the SSD number you receive in the automated reply here.

I reported the issue to Scoutbook Support, SSD-71138. Thank you for the useful conversation on the matter. Not yet resolved, but believe it will be.


My reports are typically for Den or ranks with multiple scouts. The reports are unreadable now with all the scouts put into a single column on the far right side. Old reports were readable on web page, now they are not…

What device are you using? When I run reports with the new report builder, the Scouts are in a row along the top, not in a single column.

iPad tablet and windows computer using chrome.

The scouts each have a column for their data in crosstab format. However, when I attempt to run reports with more than 3-4 scouts I get the failure msg. Will attempt to rebuild some of my reports and check results. Might work, might not.

Delvin Bunton

Now that I rebuilt several reports that WORKED correctly, I can venture two opinions:

  1. Migrated reports are prone to failure for unknown reason, but most likely because the underlying driver code changed in some manner.

  2. Newly created reports work correctly using the current report engine.

So, I will cache my irritation and rebuild my reports using the current report engine. I’m more interested in reports that work reliably rather than complaining about a problem I can solve myself by rebuilding my reports. Might even improve on them based on past experience. I do appreciate the report builder appearance.

Delvin Bunton


The developers are looking into the problem.

Can you bring back the old reports until you fix the “new” ones that are now the only option? They have been broken for years and never fixed, so have I always avoided using them: They report inaccurate information. You cannot trust them. Things that are not approved or even completed are sometimes shown as approved or completed and the other way around.

A report that cannot be trusted for accuracy is worse than no report at all.

Also, the links from the scout profile image on the reports back to their individual advancement page is broken.

Nice to have: When generating the report as a pdf, repeat the scout name/image headers on subsequent pages. When reports span multiple pages, it’s a real pain to have to figure out which column you should be looking at.

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