Report builder not right

I am the Scoutmaster and I wanted to run a Troop Report but I cannot choose any scouts but my son. What is going on?

The first thing I usually check when I’m having issues is whether or not my registered position is correctly showing up when I’m logged in at my.scouting, and then whether the BSA ID on my Scoutbook account matches what’s listed for my registered position at my.scouting.

In general, as registered leaders we login using the same credentials at my.scouting and in Scoutbook, so that’s the other place I occasionally see a breakdown (e.g. auto-complete filling in an email address instead of the correct credentials)

@KevinFischman what do you see when you try to run a new report? Do you see the troop dropdown?

first I see this.

then I select Scouts BSA to make a report and only my son shows up as scouts.

If I click on report builder again then I have no council/district/Charter

@KevinFischman OK I hid middle pic cause son’s name. Looks like it is failing across the board

I should have crossed that out but I figured you have my name. What should I do or just wait for an update? Thanks, Kevin

yes it is reported - reports are usually quicker fixes - fails for me the same way

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Report Builder is working again.

Roster Builder is still affected

Roster Builder is now working again

Thank you all for your help.

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