Many existing reports are not working

Bizarre, @JoeMcKinley .

To add to the confusion, I can’t even get the individual Eagle requirements to display as @JoeMcKinley has them doing, even when I have them ticked to display:


I don’t even get the Life or Eagle requirements appearing for scouts that show as having earned these ranks.

After some fussing around, it appears that the new Report Builder Manager-created report doesn’t display the requirements at a given rank if nobody in the “block” of scouts displayed together has any of the individual requirements marked as complete.

ETA: Added snapshot below to demonstrate observations. None of the scouts in this block marked individual requirements complete.

ETA2: I can confirm that, like @JoeMcKinley, I am seeing the correct information in the CSV file, so it seems like maybe some sort of a display “optimization” UI design decision?

ETA3: Nope, scratch that. I’m seeing garbage in the CSV that I didn’t see in the displayed reports. For example, a scout who has only recently completed Tenderfoot is showing as having completed the time-in-grade, Scout spirit and PoR requirements for Eagle. There’s definitely something hinky going on with the reports.