March 30, 2022 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Den Admin
    • An issue that caused some leaders and Scouts to be incorrectly given the Den Admin role has been fixed. All Den Admin roles created by mistake have been ended.
  • Eagle Palms
    • An issue that caused and incorrect Percent Complete value on Eagle Palms has been fixed.
  • Eagle & Quartermaster Quick Entry
    • An issue that prevented Eagle and Quartermaster Rank Quick Entry from being Leader Approved as been fixed. Note the Board of Review (BOR) requirement for both Eagle and Quartermaster will not be marked Approved, even if the Leader Approved box is checked. Approval of the BOR for these ranks only comes from the BSA, not from units.
  • Merit Badge Counselor E-Mail
    • An e-mail sent to Merit Badge Counselors indicating the Merit Badges counseled was, in some cases, missing the list of Merit Badges. This has been fixed.
  • New User E-Mail
    • An issue that caused the e-mail containing login credentials for new users to omit a portion of the ID has been fixed. New IDs in the form of SBUser12345678 will now contain the number portion of the ID. Users with IDs in this format will select their own ID at first login.

New Features

  • Calendar Reminders
    • Calendar Reminders will no longer be sent to individuals not affiliated with the unit. Unit affiliation is all Scouts, Parents/Guardians and Leaders in the unit according to the Scoutbook roster.
  • Council Admin E-Mail
    • E-mail sent by a Council Admin via Scoutbook will now be delivered directly to the recipient’s e-mail client. The recipient will no longer need to log in to Scoutbook to read the e-mail. The message will still be delivered to the Scoutbook Inbox.