January 4, 2023 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Den Admins
    • An issue that caused Scoutbook to not automatically make all Den Leaders Den Admins has been fixed. The issue involved a case where a Den Leader position was ended then restarted. In this case, the Den Admin role was not restored. Scoutbook will now restore the Den Admin role in this case.
  • Den Chiefs
    • An issue that prevented some Den Chiefs from being assigned to the proper Pack has been fixed.
  • Eagle Palms
    • An issue that caused Eagle Palm requirement #4 to use the wrong date and thus prevent completion of the Palm has been fixed. Requirement #4 will use the completion date of the last completed Merit Badge used for this requirement.
  • Leadership Needs Approval Report
    • An issue that caused Scouts not connected to the leader running the Leadership Needs Approval report to appear on the report has been fixed.
  • Roster View
    • An issue that caused Sort by First Name in the Roster View to incorrectly sort leaders has been fixed.

New Features

  • 2023 Merit Badge & Awards Updates
    • The 2023 Merit Badge and Awards Updates are now in Scoutbook. Not all Merit Badges or awards updated for 2023 have updated versions. If, for example, an update was only to clarify wording but did not change the actual requirements, a new version was not created.
  • Connection Search Instructions
    • Updated instructions have bene added to the Connection Search Page.