Marking attendance (Quick Entry Attendance?)

Edit Event

I’m trying to add attendance for a past event. If I go into the event and edit, there is no option to mark any type of attendance, only remove. A few updates ago, there were toggle switches to mark attendance.

The other option is the Quick Entry Attendance. In this window, I can deselect people but at the end of the window there is only an option to Remove from Event.

So is this convoluted method of taking attendance to just remove everyone that wasn’t present?

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@TravisStephens yeah something is not right - let me check

I came her to add this issue but notice someone else already did. I have the same problems, not attendance toggle in the IA calendar event for the person.

I checked again today (for yesterday’s event) and attendance worked just fine. I also went back to last week (for the event in the OP), it also worked just fine.

I guess we’ll mark this up as a random API error that got resolved on the back end.

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