How to take attendance

How can I take attendance at an event in the IA calendar. I tried on my phone using the IA application and the IA website. I couldn’t figue out how to mark who was at an event. I went back to Scoutbook (web) and was able to quickly mark attendance.

There’s an odd behavior with the IA calendar interface that requires that RSVPs be turned on in order to take attendance. It’s been reported to the developers (I believe), so should hopefully be resolved prior to changeover.

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Even with the RSVP enabled, I could not figure out how to take attendance.

@JasonKracht it is a deep dive - RSVP On > Edit Event > far right of page invitee groups > open those > there you will see attendance - now I have never looked at that on a mobile

I can find how I can mark people with their RSVP response, but not who actually showed up.

Also, on the phone just doing that is somewhat painful.

@JasonKracht - attendance is a slider next to each name with the word attended at the top of the slider column. I just checked that on my phone

Yeah, I’m also having trouble getting IA2 calendar to present me with the attendance interface (with RSVPs turned on) as well. I tried after a hard refresh in both Firefox and Chrome (both current releases) on Windows, and still didn’t get anything other than the RSVP interface, although it says “Attendees” at the top.

I also verified that I have my Key 3 delegate role selected.

@Stephen_Hornak, was RSVP turned on for your event prior to the event occurring, or did you turn it on afterwards? I’m trying to isolate what might be causing differences in the observed behavior.

That is exactly as I stated I saw it on my phone

@CharleyHamilton - rsvp was set to on when the event was entered in scoutbook a week or so back

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OK, I finaly see it. Not intuitive at all to get to. Also how many clicks on the phone to get to that? In Scoutbook, this is availalbe on the 1st screen for an event with a big button that says “Attendance”.

What I’m seeing is this:

Event occurred on 16 October, so it’s definitely in the past. I turned on RSVPs just now, though, as a test.

If it helps developers with investigation, the event link is:

ETA2: OK. I turned on RSVPs for an upcoming event to see if having them on from before the event fixes the issue for me.

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Yes there are a few stories to improve it

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I am CC for my Pack and am seeing the same thing as Charley is above (no toggles for attendance on any event). All our events had the RSVP function turned on when the event was created. I also cannot view past attendance on any IA events where the attendance had been recorded on SB.

I am having the same issue as CourtneyHall. I cannot see any attendance in IA Calendar that was already accounted for in Scoutbook Calendar. Really don’t want to loose attendance history… we give a certificate to the Scout with highest attendance at the end of the year.

@MichaelaHammel - can you run the attendance report

Thank you for the response.
I cannot run the report for an individual event - I get a HTPP error, event not found. However, I finally just located the place to run a report for the year, and while it’s clunky in it’s presentation, it does seem to have an accurate account of attendance for the year.
This report does not show the name of the event so I have to try and assume which event it is by the event address (which is listed in “detail”?). Also, this report shows attended AND not attended which makes the report go on forever… I don’t need to know who wasn’t there - just who was.
One last observation- In the same report, I’m also getting activity notices each time one of my Troop committee members who also happens to be an admistrator for her Pack, makes any kind of adjustment to her Pack. Example: “added leader (souct leaders name) to (cub scouts name)'s Connections” I can’t figure out why I’m getting any kind of Pack info on my Troop reports as I have no affliation to the Pack - must be a glitch having to do with this leader being in both units?

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Which report did you run? Where? It sounds like the audit report, not the attendance report.

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@MichaelaHammel - the attendance report is found in the unit page then reports. In the IA calendar to find attendance go to the the event > edit event > click on te eRSVP options and it will show attendance.

The attendance report should look like this:


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Sounds like it has been reported as a bug, but it would still be nice to take attendance without turning RSVP on before the transition since that functionality is available in Scoutbook.


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