Match my scouting account with out of council SB account

Some wizardry is needed here. Sometimes vst cooperates, sometimes not

MID 14348677
MYScoiting ID 11901057
SB ID 12519145

Thank you as always

There is no other for that account - at least by that name or email

wow senior moment forgot to list problem

the my scoutbook account is not connected to my scouting and shows in vst as out of council cannot connect to child

Everything is 023 so I do not understand with what you are saying

i see this in VST

notice no sb account

when i search for sb account with email

Have you searched SB for it?

I double forced changed the council for SB now

yes tried to connect to daughter could not find also ran parents and all users report from admin side of sb do not see her

hmmmmm - I synced to AKELA - not sure if that brings in Relationships yet or not. Council could change address or something in AKELA to force MU - then correct it

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