Unlinked my scouting and scoutbook

trying to connect a parent to their scout can’t find them in SB but they have a SB account. They are logging into to MYScouting and SB with same credentials. When I look in Vol support tool they are not linked even though both have BSA id # 137165170 when I try to connect them it says cannot due it due to them being in another council. council is set correctly in SB


The SUAC may be able to help but we need the Scout’s MID or SB User ID as well.

SB# 8908863 MID# 135746030 Child


Why can’t the unit connect the parent to the Scout? I see nothing wrong with either record in Scoutbook.

they search by name and ID number cannot find her. When I go to the volunteer support tool and pull her up by person or my scouting account I find her but it does not show a linked SB account. If I search for her in the scoutbook section I cannot get to her as it says it is not assigned to a council


On her scoutbook account profile it is set to 023 GGAC


Has the unit tried searching by email address, or is there not an email address associated with the parent’s account?

no email address associated and can’t seem to add one either.

That’s odd. The user can’t add one in Scoutbook or in my.scouting either?

it is in myscouting cant add in SB

I wonder if using the Switch SSO tool in Scoutbook would force a sync from my.scouting. Any opinions on that approach @edavignon?

To clarify, not actually switching the SSO, but rather using the same correct info as the “new” info and running the tool.

tried that as well no go

I feel like I should be putting you on payroll!!!


Search requires an e-mail to be associated with the account. The mother needs to log in to Scoutbook add add an e-mail address to her profile ( My Dashboard → Administration → My Account → E-Mail)

Once there is an e-mail address in the account, you will be able to search and find her.

I’ll discuss fixing the search so no e-mail address is needed with the develoeprs.


I found the e-mail address in both Akela and UL. I’ll add it to Scoutbook then you should be able to search for her.

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