Connect sb account to my scouting VST won't do as it shows out of council


Myscout 5593437

SB 12296146



I did some syncing between databases, but it looks like the Scoutbook userID was already connected to the my.scouting user name and BSA MID.

it is still not showing connected in vst and when I search for the sb id number it says it is out f council

Maybe because the user does not have any positions?

The Scoutbook userID is connected.

I am trying to help him fix his email but I cannot access

Council 023? @RonFedele

user logged in - they can change it

@RonFedele I did just add his e-mail when I synced between databases.

they reached out saying it wouldn’t let them

ok that should do it tx

His e-mail was blank in Scoutbook. It is there now.

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