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May 16, 2019 Scoutbook Update

Bug Fixes

  • Advancement Export/Backup
    • An issue in the advancement.csv created by Export/Backup that eliminated Scout Rank requirement #1 has been fixed. The advancement.csv file once again contains the proper advancement records.
  • Adult Profile Page
    • The Unit Tenure field has been removed from the adult roster edit pages. This field was always showing 0. It was not intended to be displayed on adult pages.
  • Disapprove Den
    • The pop-up window that appears when disapproving a den has been updated to remove any references to a subscription.
  • Incomplete Merit Badge Report
    • The Incomplete Merit Badge Report was updated to allow users to select any Scout for which they a have View Advancement, Edit Advancement or Full Control connection.
  • Membership
    • The Add membership screen, for youth positions, will no longer allow the selection of Pack or Troop if the individual is an adult leader in a Pack or Troop. Users will still be able to add Crew and Ship membership. This helps to prevent an issue where advancement links failed if the individual was a leader and member in a Pack or Troop simultaneously.
  • Merit Badges
    • An issue that prevented Merit Badges for qualified Sea Scouts from being unapproved has been fixed. Merit Badges for qualified Sea Scouts now work the same as those for Scouts BSA Scouts.
  • Payment Log
    • An issue that prevented the payment log from being accessible when a Scout is dual registered in a Ship and Troop has been fixed. Payment log now works for these Scouts.
  • Scouts BSA Individual Advancement Record
    • The Scouts BSA Individual Advancement Record link has been restored to the Scout’s Reports link.

New Features

  • none