May 22, 2024 New Calendar Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Create Event - Sub-Unit Leaders
    • An issue that prevented Sub-Unit Leaders from creating or editing events in their assigned sub-unit has been fixed.

New Features

  • All Day Events
    • All day events are now able to be created. To create an all day event, simply check the All Day Event check box instead of entering a start and end time. Note: Events with a start time of 12:00 am and end time of 11:45 pm will be converted to all day events.
  • ASAP Reminder Improvements
    • The ASAP Reminder now has language added to remind recipients to RSVP if they have not already done so.
  • Event Visibility
    • All members of a unit (youth, leaders & connected parents) will now see all calendar events. Members no longer need to be invited to an event to see it on the calendar. This makes the list of events on the calendar when accessed via Scoutbook Plus Internet Advancement match the list of events on the calendar when subscribed via the ICS link.
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