February 14, 2024 New Calendar Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Create Events
    • An issue that would allow a user that did not have permission to create new events to see the new event creation screen when double clicking on a date has been fixed. Only users that can create events will see the event creation screen when double clicking.
  • Patrol Leaders’ Council Meeting Type
    • An issue that prevented Patrol Leaders’ Council (PLC) Meeting types from being duplicated from existing Scoutbook PLC meetings has been fixed. The name in the drop down menu for did not match that in Scoutbook, causing the issue. All existing events with the incorrect meeting type have been updated. A hard refresh (SHIFT → REFRESH) may be needed to see Patrol Leaders’ Council meeting types.
  • Recurring Events
    • An issue that prevented creation of recurring monthly events that continued until the end of 2024 has been fixed.

New Features

  • Event Invite
    • New Select All options have been added to the calendar invite list. The list now contains:
      • Leaders Only
      • Parents Only (selects only non-leader parents)
      • Leaders who are Parents (selects only leader parents)
  • Sub-Unit Listing
    • Cub Scout Dens will be listed in rank order (Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos) under the Pack.
    • Patrols will be listed alphabetically under the Troop.